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All our own service units, SelfChat and our nationwide telephone services will be closed on Midsummer Eve, Friday 21 June 2024.

Are you already familiar with FSHS Nutrition?

Our digital nutrition service FSHS Nutrition, launched at the end of 2021, offers a diverse range of materials that you can use whenever and wherever you choose.

At the FSHS Nutrition service you can follow how well you are reaching your goals, get tips and recipes, access individual coaching programmes or for example contact a dietitian anonymously with any questions you might have.

FSHS Nutrition podcasts feature relaxed conversations by well‑being experts and health professionals dealing with sustainable daily food choices and how to find the necessary motivation.

For those seeking more information, there are articles and tests to help you become aware of how your environment, culture, learnt habits and biology influence your daily choices and well‑being.

This is the way you get access to the service

Please sign into the Self online service and use the link available there to create an account to FSHS Nutrition (Self > Health promotion services > FSHS Nutrition). The service is used via the MealLogger Plus app. Download the app from your phone´s app store and sign into the service. 

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