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Download FSHS Nutrition on your phone

We’ve published a new digital nutrition service called FSHS Nutrition. It offers coaching, podcasts, articles and a diverse range of other material you can use whenever or wherever you choose.

The service has been designed with students and their needs in mind. You can download FSHS Nutrition on your mobile device via the Self online service and use it for the entire duration of your studies.

The goal is to help you discover the healthy eating habits that are right for you. Healthy eating will boost your energy levels and help you cope with your studies and day-to-day life.

With FSHS Nutrition, you’ll be able to access individual coaching programmes as and when you like. These include Everyday Coping and Weight Control. Just choose a programme that interests you, whenever you like.

Browse through a wide-range of material in the nutrition service

FSHS Nutrition offers you weekly tips and recipes to help support your everyday well-being. And if you like, you can also contact a dietitian anonymously with any questions you might have.

Nutrition programmes will help you track your progress towards your goals, and a photo food journal will help make your eating habits visible.

FSHS Nutrition podcasts will feature relaxed conversations by well‑being experts and health professionals dealing with sustainable daily food choices and how to find the necessary motivation.

For those seeking more information, there are articles and tests to help you become aware of how your environment, culture, learnt habits and biology influence your daily choices and well‑being.

Expert lectures will provide you with up-to-date information on the basics of nutrition and well‑being, such as making a lifestyle change or the importance of energy-giving nutrients.


Sign into the Self online service and use the link available there to create an account to FSHS Nutrition (Self > Health promotion services > FSHS Nutrition). The service is used via the MealLogger Plus app. Download the Meallogger Plus app from your phone´s app store and sign into the service. The service is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

More information

Reetta Somero, registered dietitian, reetta.somero(at) 

FSHS Nutrition is based on the MealLogger Plus service developed by an FSHS partner. MealLogger Plus is the first nutritional app used by the FSHS. It was produced by Wellness Foundry together with Wellmo and Provention. A study on its effectiveness will also be carried out in collaboration with the University of Helsinki.

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