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Move the toothbrush campaign begins

The campaign is a part of the exercise themed campaign which has been selected as the health campaign for the years 2021 and 2022 in connection to the study community work. You can come and chat with our professionals about our oral health services or oral health in general during the well-being weeks and events at campuses.

We want to encourage students through the campaign to maintain a good oral hygiene in their everyday life as well as spread information related to the importance of self-treatment.

A small everyday act of significance

To move the toothbrush, in other words to brush your teeth, is a small but the more significant oral health improving act in everyday life. At the campuses we are distributing start packages for oral hygiene and self-treatment.

The D-Day of the campaign is at the end of October

The student-oriented campaign is held primarily at the campuses between the 18th and the 29th of October 2021 in connection to the well-being weeks. However, we are also campaigning at our service units, on our website and in our social media channels.

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Four students' in the picture as well as the logo for the campaign.