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Quick guide to FSHS services

How do I book a time? What service unit can I use? Read the quick guide and get started.

Comprehensive services

From FSHS you get health and medical care services, but also much more. Our mission is to promote the health and ability to study of all students and the well-being of study environments and communities. Check out student health care services >

The most concrete part of FSHS’s services for students is reception services. Read more about FSHS health care professionals’ receptions here>

Depending on your situation, you can come to either local or remote reception. On the websites of your own service unit, you will find address information and map links for arriving. Remote consultation take place in the Self-service in accordance with FSHS’s strong data security and data protection solutions, see instructions here>

Booking an appointment and service guidance

Your need for treatment will be assessed before booking an appointment for FSHS services. A healthcare professional will map out your situation, assess your need for treatment and its level of urgency, and provide you with self-care instructions.

  • General and mental health services 046 710 1073
  • Oral health services 046 710 1085

We continue with our work to reduce the queue in our phone services. You will receive a call-back within 3 weekdays.

Self is a student’s online service at FSHS!

The Self online service provides a quick and easy way for you to take care of your health-related issues. After registering as a Self user, you can easily manage several matters online. Register to Self

The health care fee covers all services

The health care fee paid to Kela covers all FSHS services for the student. No other service or visit fees will be charged, but a fee of EUR 40 will be charged for un canceled and unused time.

Instructions on how to use FSHS services during the coronavirus epidemic

FSHS’s operate normally in accordance with appointments, but the coronavirus has affected transactions with FSHS. You can only come to the local reception asymptomatic. When doing business at the FSHS service unit, be sure to take care of safety intervals and good hand hygiene, as well as follow the mask recommendation. Read FSHS’s COVID-19 Instructions>

Are you worried about your health?

You will find information and self-care instructions through our health information resource. Start using the health information resource >>

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