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The FSHS’s healthcare professionals can also be reached via video consultations in numerous situations. Remote consultations can be booked at all FSHS units for the following:

  • health checks,
  • nutrition counselling,
  • physiotherapy follow-up visits, and
  • general health and mental health follow-up visits.

Remote consultations, for instance, are available with dental hygienists in Helsinki and Tampere.

A remote consultation is not suitable for situations where you need a physical examination.

How to book a remote consultation

You can agree on a remote consultation with an FSHS healthcare professional when booking an appointment. After receiving a booking permission for a remote consultation, you can book the consultation using the Self online service.

Remote consultations are free of charge, like any regular appointment. A fee will be charged for missed appointments that are not cancelled or are cancelled too late.

How to access a remote consultation

For remote consultations, you’ll need a device such as a computer or a smartphone with a video connection. The service can be used with the following operating systems and browsers: Windows, Linux and Android devices: use Chrome (versions 2018 and up), Firefox (versions 2018 and up) or Internet Explorer (requires an add-on installation); macOS and iOS devices (versions 11.1.2 and up): use Safari browser.

Remote consultations are carried out in Self in accordance with the FSHS data protection statement. You should also take care of data protection and secure use. Choose a quiet place where you can comfortably discuss your situation and treatment.

Here’s what to do before the remote consultation:

  • Log in to Self well before your consultation is due to begin.
  • Start the consultation by clicking “remote consultation” on the menu.
  • If the data connection is not working, the FSHS will call you. Don’t forget to check that your contact details in Self are up to date.

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