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New student welcome to FSHS!

You are welcome to use our health services as a university student. The FSHS provides students with support for well-being and health and on top of that we provide support for the betterment of health of study communities. Here is collected a list of useful information and a short video about our services and how to use our services.

  • The right to use FSHS services
    We offer you services in general health, mental health and oral health. You receive the right to use our services after paying your student unions membership fee. Observe that the that it takes a few days to transfer the information to us about the payment. Therefore, it is recommended to pay the membership fee as soon as possible. Read more about the right to use services >>
  • Most of our services are free of charge
    However, there are a few exceptions concerning appointments with specialists, dentists and specialized dentists are subject to a charge. A fee is also charged for issuing official statements and certificates. Read more about service fees >>
  • Take care of your health online through Self
    Through our Self e-services you can easily and quickly take care of business that concern your health. Start using Self >>
  • Make an appointment through SelfChat or by phone
    You can make an appointment through the need for treatment assessment, which is conducted through SelfChat or through your own service units phone services. Read more about making an appointment >>
  • Reschedule or cancel your appointment in time
    Remember to cancel or reschedule your appointment in time in case you cannot arrive according to an agreed appointment. Otherwise you will be charged a penalty fee for the uncancelled appointment. Read more about cancelling or rescheduling >>
  • Remote consultations
    You can also come to a remote consultation in many matters. The consultation is conducted through the Self-services. All you need is a computer or a smartphone which is equipped with a camera in order to make a video conference. Read more about remote consultations >>
  • Tell us about how you are feeling
    You will receive an assessment on your health through answering our health survey and if needed an appointment to a health check-up. Read more about the health survey >>
  • Changes in student health care
    Did you know that the student health for students in higher education will change as of 1st of January 2021? These changes will mean that the FSHS will not only serve university students but also students of universities of applied sciences. Moreover, university students will pay their health care fee to Kela instead of the student union. International exchange students will no longer be encompassed by FSHS services as of 1st of January 2021. Read more about the changes of student health care >>

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