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All student healthcare services for HAMK Evo students to be located in Hämeenlinna

For HAMK Evo students, FSHS general and mental health services will be transferred to the FSHS service unit in Hämeenlinna. The FSHS service unit located at Koulukatu 25 will be open for students from the campus in Evostarting 6 June 2024. Oral health services are already provided in Hämeenlinna for Evo students. The change concerns some 300 HAMK students.

General and mental health services will be provided by Terveystalo Lammi until 5 June 2024 and until the end of any ongoing treatment cycles. Students will be able to contact the FSHS as before using the national Self online service or the telephone service line.

The FSHS has been monitoring the performance of its current service network for three years since its operations doubled.

“Students’ use of FSHS services differs from that originally planned. Evo students have already been able to use services at FSHS Hämeenlinna, which has meant that some of their appointments have already been happening in the Hämeenlinna service unit. We also make such changes so that we’re able to provide the services prescribed to the FSHS within the budgetary allocations,” says FSHS Regional Manager Reetaleena Hietala.

In other words, due to factors such as remote studying and mobility habits, students don’t always restrict themselves to the FSHS service unit that’s closest to their educational institution. In addition, 60 to 70% of contacts take place via digital FSHS services.

The FSHS made changes to its service network in 2023, with some remaining changes being made this year. For seven locations, the prescribed service unit was replaced by a unit in another location. The changes have primarily concerned service units where the FSHS had subcontracted services out to a partner.

Kela, which is responsible for organising student healthcare, has approved the FSHS network changes.