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With the move of HUMAK Nurmijärvi, student healthcare services will also be transferred to Helsinki

With their campus being moved to Helsinki, general and mental health services for students of Humak Nurmijärvi will be provided in Helsinki from 1 August 2023. For students of Humak Helsinki, all student healthcare appointments are and will continue to be provided at the FSHS service unit in Töölö located at Töölönkatu 37. Students can also attend appointments at other FSHS service units if they need to. Contacting the FSHS won’t change: students can continue to contact the FSHS using the Self service or by telephone, where their need for treatment will be assessed by a centralised service.

Digital FSHS services such as the Self service, SelfChat, service documents (forms) and remote appointments will also continue to be available for students. 70% of students already make use of digital FSHS services.

The change concerns around 80 students. General and mental health services will continue to be provided for Humak Nurmijärvi students by Mehiläinen Klaukkala until 31 July 2023. Oral health services are already provided by FSHS Töölö.