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The healthcare fee for students in higher education will remain unchanged in 2024 – The fee for unattended appointments will be increased

The amounts of the student healthcare fees for higher education students in 2024 have been confirmed by a government decree. The healthcare fee for students in higher education will remain unchanged in 2024: the fee is 73.60 euros per year or 36.80 euros per semester. The students in higher education must pay the health care fee on their own initiative to Kela for both the spring and autumn semesters.

Kela charges 5 euros as a late payment fee if the student pays the healthcare fee after the due date. The late payment fee will be the same as in 2023.

You can already see the due dates for 2024 and more detailed payment instructions on Kela’s website. Kela has announced that it is now possible to pay healthcare fees for 2024. All questions about the healthcare fee should be addressed directly to Kela, which is responsible for collecting the healthcare fee.

Remember to reschedule or cancel your appointment in time

The fee for unattended and uncancelled appointments will be increased to 56.70 euros at the beginning of 2024 by the government decree. FSHS charges this fee if a student is absent from a booked appointment. If necessary, an appointment must be rescheduled or canceled no later than 24 hours in advance.

In student healthcare, the number of appointments that are uncancelled or missed without a valid reason has risen in recent years. The aim is to stop this trend. If an appointment is canceled or rescheduled too late, the appointment can no longer be given to another student.

In 2023, the fee for unattended and uncancelled appointments has been 40 euros. After the increase, the fee (56.70 euros) will correspond to the fee charged for unattended and uncancelled appointments in other health and social services.

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The amount of the healthcare fee for higher education students is specified in a Government decree, which is issued annually.

(The news has been updated on 29 November and on 5 December 2023 due to the Kela’s press releases.)