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Students: please give us feedback after your doctor’s appointment

The FSHS is to start collecting customer feedback after doctor’s appointments via SMS. The feedback will provide more information about customers’ views on the quality of our services and how they could be improved.

“It’s important that we encourage students to give feedback right from the start and get as many as possible to respond to a short survey. The results will then provide a comprehensive and reliable picture of the customer experience”, says Teija Kulmala, the FSHS’s Medical Director.

Starting from 30 October students will be asked to provide feedback via SMS after each video or in-person appointment with a psychiatrist, general practitioner or dentist. The feedback will be given anonymously. There’ll be three questions to answer via the link provided in the SMS. The sender of the SMS will be “YTHS” (also in the foreign language versions).

We also use other channels to collect feedback on our services. If you want to contact us regarding our services, you can use these channels:

  • Feedback on the quality of our services or communications: Feedback
  • Feedback on the treatment and the service you have received at the FSHS: Quality of care and patient safety
  • Data processing in violation of the Data Protection Regulation: seek advice from the persons responsible for data protection via an online form
  • Processing of your personal data by the FSHS: contact the Patient Ombudsman via an online form