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Xylitol, every day

Week 6 (from 7th February) is National Xylitol Week in Finland. But what actually is xylitol, and why should you use it regularly?

Xylitol is a natural product, a sweetener found naturally in plants such as fruit and berries. It’s also produced industrially from material such as birch tree fibre.

How xylitol works

Taken after a meal, xylitol helps prevent acid attacks by reducing acidity caused in the mouth by food. It prevents growth and activity of the bacteria that cause dental cavities.

Xylitol also reduces plaque and makes it less likely to stick to your teeth. Xylitol has positive health benefits, but isn’t a substitute for brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.

How much xylitol should you use, and how often?

It’s recommended that you use a total of 5 to 10 grams of xylitol daily, for about 5 to 10 minutes after at least three meals every day. Both chewing gum and mints can be good sources of xylitol, but be sure to check how much xylitol your product actually contains.

The more xylitol there is, the more your teeth will benefit. Six pieces of full-xylitol chewing gum provides the recommended daily dose. Regular use of full-xylitol products provides the most health benefits, but even occasional use is beneficial.

The Xylitol Week (week 6) 

During National Xylitol Week, several FSHS service units will display xylitol-themed material. Also stay tuned to our social media channels.

Birch leaf.