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All our own service units, SelfChat and our nationwide telephone services will be closed on Midsummer Eve, Friday 21 June 2024.

Self online service: more services, easier to use

Self now allows you to take care of your health even more easily and comprehensively than before. There are now new service forms available, including health promotion services that are open to everyone.

Services in Self

Home screen

Once logged on to Self, you can easily find all information relevant to you on the home screen. The “Things to remember” section shows your next booked appointment and whether it’s a local, remote or phone appointment. This section also shows all the online forms that you should complete. You’ll also find all important information bulletins about services on the front page.

You can access different services either via the home screen or using the top menu on the front page.

Booked appointments and booking permissions

In the “booked appointments and booking permissions” section on the home screen, you can check the number of your booked appointments and booking permissions. If you want to review them more closely, choose “booked appointments and booking permissions” from the top menu. This will show all your booked appointments and allow you to cancel or reschedule them if necessary. After receiving a booking permission, you can book new appointments in the booking calendar. You can also review your past appointments.

Complete service forms in Self

The Self online service contains service forms to assess your health and need for treatment. Complete the form suitable for your symptoms, and we’ll contact you by phone or by sending you an SMS or a message in Self. Please note that the call will come from an unknown number. The processing time is mentioned in each service form.

In addition to the forms that are freely available, you can have forms related to your treatment filled out. These forms only appear in Self when the professional treating you has sent the form to be filled out.

You can also use forms to deal with problems using Self or to request correction of an invoice.      

Chat services

You can access Chat services direct from the front page. The healthcare professionals on SelfChat will assess your treatment needs, provide service guidance and handle the booking of appointments.

Health promotion services

Self now also contains online health promotion services that are open to everyone. You can for example access a video library dealing with mental health and ways to improve it, as well as depression, alcohol and drinking habits.