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New service forms in Self online service

Have you already found our new service forms from Self online service? The Self online service now contains multiple service forms to assess your health and need for treatment.

You can contact us through our service forms if your matter concerns flu vaccination, birth control, sexual health or travel health. In addition, there is also new service forms regarding treatment of asthma, respiratory symptoms, allergy medicines and the follow-up statement of rehabilitation psychotherapy.

Complete the form suitable for your symptoms, and we’ll contact you by phone or by sending you an SMS or a message in Self. Please note that the call will come from an unknown number. The processing time is mentioned in each service form.

In addition to the forms that are freely available, you can have forms related to your treatment filled out. These forms only appear in Self when the professional treating you has sent the form to be filled out.

You can also use forms to deal with problems using Self or to request correction of an invoice.