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FSHS expresses its support to the Ukrainian people

The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS condemns the acts of war by Russia and expresses its support for the Ukrainian people and for Ukrainian students, whose faith and trust in the future have been shattered.

The war in Ukraine can cause many kinds of thoughts and feelings – anxiety, hatred, fear. For some students the situation can be particularly hard. Naturally, this includes students with family in Ukraine. Students with connections to Russia may also be greatly affected. Supporting everyone regardless of their nationality and allowing no place for racism is essential in a multicultural higher education community. At the FSHS, we’ve reserved time for all students’ to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This includes our chat channels, where current world events have become a central topic. FSHS psychologists have also put together a list of tips for dealing with reactions to the war. The list can be found on our website.

We at the FSHS wish to express our support for all Ukrainians. Starting on FSHS Day, Wednesday 23 March 2022, the Ukrainian flag will fly for a week at the FSHS service point in Töölö, Helsinki. The FSHS has opened a donation channel with the Red Cross to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The FSHS Board Members’ of Trustees have decided to donate the Trustees’ attendance fees from the months of January, February and March to help Ukraine.

Each of us can stand as part of a united front to support Ukraine. Express your support, and participate by supporting the work of well-known organisations if you can. Together, we can make a difference!

FSHS logo in the Ukrainian flag colors