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Check some tips for improving your ability to concentrate

We have published new articles related to concentration on the -website. You will find useful tools in the texts to improve your own ability to concentrate.

Concentration varies in everyday life

It’s easy to notice if you cannot really concentrate. This is perfectly normal. Concentrating becomes harder when we are tired, busy, stressed and facing too many demands.

Ways to improve concentration

You can boost your concentration in many ways. It’s about skill training, as difficulty concentrating is not usually permanent. Skill training is part of the treatment for ADHD too.

The people in the picture are trying to work and the texts "Rush, interruptions", "Brain overload", "Chronic stress", "Concentration difficulties", "A decline in persictence", the texts are connected by arrows.

About ADHD

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a developmental neuropsychiatric disorder that begins in childhood. Its main symptoms are problems with attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. If these symptoms are occasional, it’s normal, but in ADHD they are frequent, long-term and impair functional capacity.

Sometimes it is also related to ADT, a self-created concentration difficulty that is becoming more and more common because of our lifestyle.