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Nb! You can use FSHS’s services and the Self online service when you have enrolled as an attending student for the fall semester beginning on August 1. Attendance information is updated at FSHS in 1-3 business day after enrolment. If you cannot log in to Self service and your matter is urgent, please contact us by phone.

Changes to mental health chat services

The extensive mental health chat services introduced last summer and autumn were part of the mental health services enabled by government grant. The anonymous MieliChat service was launched on 18 June 2021, and the SelfChat mental health line introduced extended service hours on 7 September 2021. This summer will bring some changes to these chat services.

Changes from 1 July 2022

  • The SelfChat mental health service line will return to normal service hours, providing assessments of the need for treatment within mental health services on weekdays, Mon–Fri, 9 am to 11 am.
  • The SelfChat mental health service line will be reunited with general health and form the service line of general and mental health.
  • The anonymous MieliChat service will end.

The staff currently providing chat services will be transferred to the Digital Clinic for Mental Health, where they will be holding appointments.