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You can use FSHS services once you have registered

FSHS services are available to you, during spring, once you have registered to as present for the spring semester, which starts 1.1.2022. Read more about the right to use FSHS services >>

Attendance information is transmitted to FSHS on the working day following the registration. Please note that the use of the Self-service and, for example, arrival at a remote reception also requires that you have registered to be present and that the information about it has been transferred to FSHS. Please try Self-login before the remote reception. If you are unable to log in, please contact us by phone to assess your need for care so that your time can be rescheduled.

Update your contact details at Self

Make sure that your contact details are up to date, as they are not automatically updated via the Population Register Centre or other organisations. By holding your contact details updated you will make it smoother to take care of things with us.

The national service numbers for assessing your need for treatment

  • general and mental health services, 046 710 1073 and
  • oral health services, 046 710 1085.


Please note, that if you have graduated during autumn 2021 your rights to use FSHS services will end in spring 2022 regardless of whether you have made an enrollment before. Kindly cancel your appointments for spring 2022 if your rights to use FSHS services is ending.