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This year the FSHS Day becomes an entire FSHS Week to support your active everyday life

This year the FSHS Day will become an entire FSHS Week. We’ll provide you with 5 + 2 tips and facts about everyday exercise. The event aimed at students in higher education, study communities and the FSHS staff will take place from 22 to 28 March 2021 (week 12). The actual FSHS day will be 24 March 2021.

Interested? We hope so, as everyday exercise (such as walking up and down stairs) will give you both energy and pleasure, particularly during these times of remote studying and the coronavirus.

During the FSHS week, we’ll be sharing with you and your 270,000 fellow students exercise facts and tips on how to step up your everyday exercise under the theme Active everyday life. You’ll be given tips on sitting less, changing working positions and increasing your physical activity.

We as student health professionals have arranged the FSHS week to support your well-being, so be sure not to miss it! Our tips will help you exercise more during your daily routines. It’s simple!

To make everything as easy as possible, we’ll gather all FSHS Week material on one website Make a mental note of the address!

Pass it on by sharing your own tips! 

During the FSHS Week, we’ll be sharing exercise tips with students, and hopefully students will then pass their tips on to other students and back to the FSHS staff – that would be great!

Did you know that if you have a sedentary job you should have a break every 45 minutes? If you find yourself sitting or standing still while working, set an alarm for every 45 minutes. When the alarm goes off, do 10 squats to improve your circulation.

What’s your everyday exercise like? Share your top tips during the FSHS Week on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #activeeverydaylife

Let’s be more active in everyday life!