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10 facts about the benefits of everyday exercise

  1. All exercise – even standing up when you’ve been sitting – improves health.
  2. Breaks from prolonged sitting and short periods of activity, such as taking the stairs and going for a short walk in the morning and evening, and cycling or walking during the day – all these speed up your energy metabolism.
  3. Regular exercise activates muscles and enhances muscle function. And you’ll be replacing fat with muscle.
  4. Exercise improves your mood, helps you deal with stress and reduces the risk of depression.
  5. Being active makes you more alert and helps you focus on tasks that require a sharp mind.
  6. Exercise improves your quality of sleep. You fall asleep faster and experience more deep sleep.
  7. Exercise relieves headaches. Gentle aerobic exercise can help to alleviate migraine, and Nordic walking is particularly good for relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.
  8. Exercise lowers blood pressure and helps prevent type 2 diabetes.
  9. Exercise can relieve and even prevent back pain.
  10. Even a few minutes a day of walking up and down stairs practised over a couple of months can improve the performance of your respiratory and circulatory systems.