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Remember to reschedule or cancel your appointment if you are unable to arrive

Cancel or reschedule as soon as possible if you cannot come on your scheduled appointment but at least 24 hours before the appointment. In this case, your appointment can be used by someone else who needs it.

  • You can manage your appointments at the Self online service. When an appointment is cancelled or moved too late the system will inform you of an incoming reservation payment.
  • All those who have ordered the appointment reminder service will be reminded of the appointment before the appointment. You can activate the reminder through Self online service. No reminder is sent for rescheduled appointments. Disturbances or other changes connected to the reminder service does not affect the above-mentioned payment policy.

Charge for an unattended appointment

We charge from the customer a fee of 40 euros for no-show appointments in which the student has not arrived at their agreed appointment nor rescheduled or cancelled them on time. One can recieve a correction to this fee in case there has be an acceptable reason for not attending the appointment.

The fee for unattended appointments concerns all appointments, treatment based group activities and examinations. The fee is valid in both FSHS own as well as partners service units.

Charges and invoicing