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Recipes from students to students -booklet is published

The new Healthy and Energetic EVERYDAY recipes from students to students -booklet is now published. The booklet is meant for all students and there is a collection of 21 favorite recipes from students to students.

Everyday life can be hectic and stressful and sometimes one can be tight on money. That is why the booklet is filled by recipes that are healthy, cheap, environmental, and easy to make.

Within the booklet there are recipes that are easy to make. The recipes are meant to encourage everyone to make tasty and healthy homemade food. The ingredients used in the booklet are common and versatile and they are not particularly expensive. In several recipes there are also vegetarian alternatives which encourage to make environmentally friendly foods. Alongside all of the mentioned there are also plenty of general food making tips.

This e-booklet has been produced by the Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) together with students and has resulted to the joy of everyone in a wonderful booklet of recipes from students to students.

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