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FSHS participated in the Students’ Mental Health Day 2020 through the theme of virtual #lunchdate

Students’ Mental Health Day is commemorated on Thursday the 23rd of April. Nyyti association campaigns around the theme through social media between the 14th and 24th of April 2020. FSHS will also participate in Nyyti’s campaign through distributing material that related to the campaign theme and through inviting everyone to hold virtual #lunchdates. Therefore, it pays off to stay tuned with our social media channels.

The campaign theme for the 2020 Students’ Mental Health Day is friendship. Friendships are important for mental wellbeing and that is why friendship will be discussed throughout this year’s awareness day. #Letsdosomething –campaign raises awareness of the significance of friendship in students wellbeing and mental health and wants everyone to participate remotely in acting for better mental wellbeing.

Participate in the social media challenges of #letsdosomething and the virtual #lunchdate

Throughout the Students’ Mental Health Day on Thursday the 23rd of April we encourage everyone to participate in the #letsdosomething social media campaign. Nyyti challenges us all to come up with ideas and actions which improve friendships and communities. Through asking #letsdosomething you can make a new or old friend happy.

Also try virtual #lunchdates. Many say that food tastes better when the moment is shared with a friend. Therefore, invite your friends together to enjoy a nice meal together.