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These tuberculosis-related instructions consider

  • students of health care or social welfare fields
  • students of early education fields or logopedics

Instructions for asymptomatic students

The tuberculosis information on this page and the self-assessment form are intended for students without symptoms. If you have symptoms related to tuberculosis, such as a cough lasting over three weeks and sputum production, contact FTHS either by phone or SelfChat.

Who is required to provide a tuberculosis statement?

Under the Communicable Diseases Act, employers are obliged to require a reliable statement from those starting work or training in a healthcare or social welfare unit or caring for children under school age confirming that they do not have respiratory tuberculosis. This requirement is very important as those being cared for often include people with impaired immunity. A student with respiratory tuberculosis may spread the disease to patients, children or customers.

The statement requires the student to complete and sign a self-assessment form. For those in a risk group, a health check and a chest x-ray examination will also be performed. The check-up and x-ray will be free of charge.

The transmittable diseases questionnaire and health check-up

All students in healthcare and social welfare or early childhood education and care have to complete a self-assessment form for the tuberculosis statement. Students in certain risk groups also have to undergo a tuberculosis health check, including a chest x-ray. This applies to students who

  • who were born in a country with a very high incidence of tuberculosis compared to Finland
  • have lived at least 12 months in an area with a very high incidence of tuberculosis
  • or worked in healthcare for at least 3 months in a country with a very high incidence of tuberculosis
  • have treated patients with tuberculosis in any country
  • have been in close contact with a patient with contagious pulmonary tuberculosis
  • have had a previous confirmed tuberculosis infection or exposure.

List of countries at risk of tuberculosis and screening of immigrants for infectious diseases (, in Finnish)

The self-assessment form and certificate

Download and complete the transmittable disease form. If you’re in a risk group, you’ll have to undergo a tuberculosis health check. Contact the FSHS no later than a month before you start your practical training to book an appointment for the health check. A certificate will be issued following the check and should be submitted to your place of practical training. No check is required if your last statement (chest x-ray performed and documented in Finland) was issued less than two years previously and there has been no exposure to tuberculosis since.

If your answers to the transmittable diseases questionnaire indicate you’re not in a risk group, print out and sign the form. Show it to your supervisor at your place of practical training or work.