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Overtime and shift-trading ban for the FSHS

As part of collective bargaining negotiations, the negotiating organisation Sote ry has declared an overtime and shift-trading ban for the FSHS extending from 12 noon of 16 August to 12 noon of 16 September 2022. The overtime and shift-trading ban concerns the FSHS staff covered by the Avainta collective agreement, i.e. the members of Tehy (The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland), SuPer (The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses) and ERTO (The Union of Private Sector Professionals).  

We estimate that, in most cases, we will be able to continue serving students as usual. If booked appointments have to be postponed due to industrial action, we will contact the students concerned personally.

The negotiating parties in the company-specific collective bargaining discussions concerning the FSHS are Avainta ry and Sote ry, which represents the trade unions. The negotiations are continuing this week. The FSHS cannot comment on the content or the course of the negotiations while they are ongoing.