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Customer feedback is used to improve FSHS services

We received a total of 5,269 pieces of customer feedback in 2021. Feedback was sent both via an online form (2,872 pieces) and as text messages (2,397 pieces). As expected due to the expansion of FSHS services, the amount of feedback was up from the year before.

Students giving feedback via text message satisfied with treatment quality

Last year, we introduced the option to send us feedback via a text message. Using simple random sampling to select a predetermined number of students, we asked students to assess their treatment during a general, mental or oral health appointment.

We were interested to see how satisfied the students were with the way their treatment was handled and the treatment instructions they received. We also asked for their opinion on staff communication skills, respect for privacy, and atmosphere during the service situation.

Those students who gave feedback via a text message were satisfied with the quality of their treatment: the mean Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculated from the replies was +65. NPS describes the likelihood that the feedback provider would recommend FSHS services to others. NPS scores range from –100 to +100.

Online feedback provided important information for improving services

Students also sent feedback via an online form. Feedback could be given anonymously (1,537 pieces) or using strong identification (1,335 pieces).

All feedback sent by identified users is responded to within three working days.

As in previous years, online feedback consisted mainly of improvement suggestions and critical feedback. A large portion of the feedback concerned FSHS activities in general.

Service channels, the Self online service in particular, received the most comments. We also received feedback on treatment experiences and assessments of the need for treatment.

The feedback provided us with important information on how students have experienced appointment booking and contacting us and how well our service channels have functioned. This information will enable us to develop and improve our services. Online feedback is regularly discussed within our service units and management teams.