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The health care fees for students in higher education will remain unchanged in 2022

The health care fees for students in higher education have been verified for 2022 in accordance to the act on student health care for students in higher education. There will be no changes in the fees compared to 2021.

The health care fee is in 2022 71,60 euros. The fee is EUR 35.80 per term, and it is paid for both the spring and the autumn term. Students will pay the healthcare fee to KELA to access FSHS services. If the healthcare fee is paid after the due date, the student also has to pay a late-payment charge of EUR 5. 

The Finnish Student Health Care Service (FSHS) charges a sum of 40 euros for appointments in which the student has not cancelled, moved the appointment or arrived on time to the appointment. The charge will not be applied if there is an acceptable reason for not showing up at the appointment.

The amount of the fee is specified in a Government decree, which is issued annually.

(Updated 1st December 2021: Detailed information how the fee will be paid to Kela.)