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Nb! You can use FSHS’s services and the Self online service when you have enrolled as an attending student for the fall semester beginning on August 1. Attendance information is updated at FSHS in 1-3 business day after enrolment. If you cannot log in to Self service and your matter is urgent, please contact us by phone.

FSHS oral health services joins the national archive

FSHS oral health services joins the national archive (My Kanta -services on the 21st of December 2021). Thereafter, students can read their treatment related entries to the archive which have been written from the 21st of December 2021 onwards. Students can read these entries through MyKanta online service.

Xray images can not be accessed through MyKanta -service.

There can be a several month-long delay in the transfer of information from FSHS subcontractors to MyKanta. This is because the information is not transferred in real time from the subcontractors to MyKanta.