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Positive and negative feedback

We received in 2019 more than 14 610 positive and critical remarks as well as development proposals in our feedback. Responses were gathered through our website (762) and through our service units (13 848).

Service units have satisfied customers

The feedback gathered in our service units portrays a picture of an excellent service experience. The NPS-figure describes the likelihood of the respondent recommending FSHS-services to someone.  Our NPS-figure remains excellent according to the responses we have gathered for 2019. 90 percent deemed our personnel as extremely professional, 92 percent thought our personnel as friendly and 99 percent thought that the medical care experience was useful.

Website feedback was critical

The feedback that we gathered through our website was clearly more critical. Most feedback concerned waiting times and the feedback given was mostly critical. The second most feedback given fell under the category of “other” and that feedback concerned mostly the e-services (website, Self and SelfChat).