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Healthcare for students in higher education is financed mainly by the state (77 %), while the remaining 23 % is paid for by students. From 1 January 2021, students will pay a healthcare fee to KELA to access FSHS services.

Who will have to pay the healthcare fee?

The healthcare fee must be paid by all students who are encompassed by FSHS services. The healthcare fee must be paid to KELA irrespective of whether the student uses FSHS services or not.

How much is the healthcare fee?

The government of Finland has verified for the first time verified the amount of the student health care fee. The health care fee will be 71,60 euros in 2021. According to the act, the fee must be paid in two rates which amounts to 35,8 euros per semester.

There will be no appointment fees for FSHS services, but any uncancelled no-show appointments will still be subject to a charge next year.

When and how do I pay the healthcare fee?

The healthcare fee must be paid to KELA every term, i.e. twice a year. Please note that KELA will not send you an invoice, so you must pay the fee on your own initiative. The due dates will depend on the date of your registration as an attending student. Check the schedule on KELA’s website >

Students in higher education will start paying the healthcare fee to KELA in the spring term of 2021. You can pay the healthcare fee via KELA’s e-service from December 2020 onwards. 

Any questions? Check if you can find an answer on our Q&A page, where you can also send us your own question.


  • The government is the main financier of student health care (77 %).
  • Students pay the health care fee to Kela regardless to whether they use the services or not.
  • A student pays 71,6 € per annum.
  • The FSHS does not charge for appointments.