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Jan 7, 2014

The FSHS travel advice service’s phone number has changed

The new travel advice service\'s phone number is 046 710 1092. New number replaced the previous number (046 710 1099).

Jan 3, 2014

New FSHS language strategy took effect on 1 Jan. 2014

The new FSHS language strategy, approved by the Board of Trustees on 2 Sep. 2013, became effective on 1 Jan. 2014. The aim of the strategy is to guarantee equal services for all students. The language strategy contains a service promise for FSHS...

Dec 17, 2013

The FSHS wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Dec 11, 2013

FSHS opening hours during Christmas time

All our units are closed from 23 December 2013 to 1 January 2014. There are also specific differences between local FSHS units. Please check the exact opening hours during the Christmas time from your own unit\'s page ...

Dec 2, 2013

FSHS is closed on the Independence Day 6th Dec 2013

Our health care services will be available again after the public holiday, the 9th Dec 2013. We wish you a pleasent Independence Day!

Oct 16, 2013

Thousands of students have created Citizen’s accounts – should you do, too?

Since September, the FSHS has been using Citizen's accounts in contacts between students and the FSHS. More than 10,000 students have already started using Citizen's accounts. The FSHS invites you to create a personal Citizen's account online at www...

Oct 9, 2013

The FSHS launches two new websites on oral health

The site "Keys to good oral health " provides information on matters such as tooth attrition, how the use of intoxicants affects the mouth, and on student health care services. The site also describes...

Oct 4, 2013

Our new website on nutrition and exercise

FSHS has compiled information on healthy eating and exercise habits for students on a new website dealing with nutrition and exercise. The website also offers help with managing habits. Visit FSHS's new Nutrition and exercise website. Many students...

Aug 28, 2013

Ten-minute oral health procedure appointments become free of charge from 1 Sep. 2013

Ten-minute oral health procedure appointments will be free of charge for FSHS clients from the start of September. The change is based on a previously agreed follow-up of cumulative fees charged and on feedback received. A healthcare professional will...

Aug 12, 2013

FSHS to introduced Citizen's accounts from 1 Sep. 2013, watch video

The FSHS will use Citizen's accounts in matters related to contacts between students and the FSHS. Start using your Citizen's account. You can give your consent to receive messages related to your care in connection with an FSHS appointment. Read more...