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New online content on sexual health

We have launched this week the Safe May Day! #SafeSex -campaign and we are campaigning this week about sexual health, we are telling about the positive effects of sexuality and encouraging to safe sexual behavior. On Monday the 25th of April 2022 we published new content about sexual health on our website.

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In addition to this new content, we have plenty of previously published content on sexual health, which has been produced by our health care professionals. This previously published content can be found at the Health Information site as well as the Health information resource.

Sexual desire

This is a new page at the Health Information section which is designed to provide some general information about sexual desire as well as factors affecting it.

Check the site from here >>

Lack of sexual desire

This is a new article at the Health information resource that is defining what is meant by a lack of sexual desire. This article also provides some self-care advise and also some instructions on when to seek for professional help.

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Health benefits of sexuality and sex

This is a new site at the Health Information section of our website. This is a site that provides some general information about sex and the positive health impact that sexuality has.

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Safe May Day! #SafeSex