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Customer feedback: compliments, complaints and development suggestions

We received altogether 2,798 customer compliments, complaints and suggestions for improvements in 2020. Feedback was given 1,088 times via the FSHS website and 1,710 times on customer feedback devices at service units.

Much less customer feedback was received in 2020 than in the previous two years, as in spring 2020 nearly all FSHS service units gave up using customer feedback devices as part of improvements to customer feedback practices.

In early 2021, the FSHS will introduce an SMS feedback system that will enable interaction with feedback providers, should they wish it. The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the amount of feedback, as there are now more remote appointments.

Service unit customers happy

The feedback concerning service experience provided via customer feedback devices in spring 2020 was very positive. For 2020 as a whole, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was excellent (+85) as in 2019. The NPS describes how likely the feedback provider would be to recommend FSHS services over a range of -100 to +100.

Website feedback more critical

Feedback given via the website was, as expected, more critical. The NPS for website feedback was -24 (2019: -29). Most complaints concerned long waiting times and difficulties getting an appointment. The next most frequent complaints related to technical issues and the usability of service channels. On the other hand, respondents gave positive feedback on the customer service provided by individual employees.

Suggestions for improving Self

There were also plenty of suggestions for improvements. Respondents wanted to see further improvements to digital services, more available appointments, shorter waiting times and more resources allocated to customer services – and particularly improvements to the Self online service and SelfChat.

We scrutinize all customer feedback closely

Customer feedback is really important to us, as it helps us develop our activities and improve our services. Feedback is regularly reviewed by the FSHS Management Teams.

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