Eye symptoms

How quickly inflamed eyes should be treated depends on the agent causing the problem. The most usual cause is a common cold. The eyes are reddish, watery, and somewhat sensitive to light, and there is discharge. If there is a lot of discharge or the symptoms are otherwise troublesome, it is best to seek medical care. Other usual causes are: allergies and other external, irritating agents such as wind, cold, heat, cigarette smoke, lack of sleep, reading for long periods, and excessively dry indoor air. A foreign body in the eye is a fairly common occurrence. If it is not easily removed, it is best to seek help from the nurse at the Finnish Student Health Service Center. Chemicals in the eyes should be rinsed immediately with the nearest available water, for instance, with common tap water and then, if needed, seek medical care. Rapidly declining eye sight is also a sign of a probable disorder that request professional treatment.

Article made by:
MD Mikael Nyström