Certificates and statements, free of charge

The FSHS treats primarily health problems related to studying. Issues related to work or hobbies, etc., belong mainly to occupational health care, a health center or the private sector.

  • Short sickness absence certificates
  • Medical certificate A for sick leave
  • Medical certificate B on illness (daily allowance according to the Health Insurance Act)
  • Statement by a healthcare professional on the health and functional capacity of a student for degree-specific requirements
  • Certificate for compulsory practical training required by the university
  • Certificate for applying for a study grant
  • Certificate for extension of studies
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Abortion statement
  • Statement for sterilisation
  • Food worker certificate for purposes of study
  • Medical certificate on national service fitness class
  • HIV certificate for purposes of study
  • Other certificates associated with studies or student exchange

The following certificates are not issued

  • Certificate for driver’s licence
  • Certificate for employment applications
  • Certificate for a reduced tax-paying ability
  • Certificates for sporting or leisure-time activities
  • HIV- or other similar certificates for other purposes