Services free of charge

  • Public Health nurse
  • Health examination (by invitation)
  • General Practitioner
  • Laboratory examinations with a referral from an FSHS doctor
  • X-ray examinations with a referral from an FSHS doctor/dentist
  • Appointment at mental health
  • The first dental examination visit (extensive dental examination which is done once during the study time) for those who started their studies on 1 September 2005 or later.
  • Dentist (max. 10 min)
  • Oral hygienist
  • Consultation and treatment by a physiotherapist
  • Group visit
  • Speech therapy


  • Patients referred by FSHS for specialist care will be required to pay the resulting specialist outpatient clinic fees.
  • In addition to the treatment itself, the time reserved for the appointment also includes the time required for storing the patient’s records and preparing to meet the next patient.