Other required dental treatment 

Special care and services by specialised dentists

FSHS dentists will refer you to demanding treatments or to specialised dentists. Demanding dental treatments and specialised dental services such as oral surgery or prosthetic care can be given in different cities as FSHS resources allow. Demanding treatments can be provided by general dentists well-versed in a specialty, or by specialised dentists. You always need a referral for specialised care. Our criteria for referral to care follow the uniform principles for access to non-urgent odontological treatment  by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Oral health services

For those who started their studies on 1 September 2005 or later, the first oral health care examination is free of charge. The first visit for examination (extensive dental examination which is done once during the study time) is always free for students regardless of the phase or length of their studies. All later appointments and emergency treatment are subject to charge.

Basic dental care and other necessary treatment


You are yourself liable for dental laboratory expenses caused by prosthetic or orthodontic treatment. Other treatment-related laboratory and X-ray examinations are free of charge.



According to FSHS research, students fear removals of wisdom teeth and root treatments most in their dental treatment.