How do you get access to treatment?

You are referred to treatment on the basis of a care need assessment according to the odontological urgency of your care.

Personnel in appointments assess care needs either via chat service which is found on Self-online service, over the phone or face-to-face in patient facilities at FSHS units.

Emergency treatment is availableristi

within a week (1-7 FSHS working days), if you experience

  • acute aches
  • intense symptoms
  • severe swelling/infection or
  • have had an accident.

Why would you come in for treatment?

Systematic, regular dental care promotes the health of your teeth and mouth, allowing you a troubleless studying time. The most important for the welfare of the mouth and teeth is, however, good self-care, for which FSHS oral health care professionals give you advice and support.


Other oral health care is available

for odontological reasons, within a reasonable time.

Care will be implemented on the basis of a treatment plan by a dentist at intervals specific to each patient.

For those who started their studies on 1 September 2005 or later, the first oral health care examination (extensive dental examination which is done once during the study time) is free of charge. The first visit for examination is always free for students regardless of the phase or length of their studies. All later appointments and emergency treatment are subject to charge.


Acute treatment