Dental examinations

You are offered systematic examinations according to your individual treatment intervals, or according to the results of the electronic health inquiry (first year students). Before you arrange to have a dental examination at FSHS, please check with the health centre of your home town or with your regular dentist to learn when your next examination should take place. If you have no symptoms and have not received an invitation on the basis of the health inquiry, make your next appointment according to the recommendation.

New student - Respond to Sätky!

All first year students receive an electronic health inquiry. The form contains questions relating to your general health and oral health as well as to issues affecting them, to which you may respond electronically.

After studying your answers, a public health nurse will reply with a message to you, giving you hers/his assessment of your general health and oral health. If necessary, you will be asked to make an appointment with a nurse and/or for a dental examination or dental care.


Oral health services


For those who started their studies on 1 September 2005 or later, the first oral health care examination (extensive dental examination which is done once during the study time) is free of charge. The first visit for examination is always free for students regardless of the phase or length of their studies. All later appointments and emergency treatment are subject to charge.


Basic dental care and other necessary treatment