Are you nibbling at your own teeth?

The oral health care promotion theme "Are you nibbling at your own teeth?" wishes to draw students' attention to a modern phenomenon - continuous nibbling on snacks and the detrimental effects of this on oral health.

Only a part of students brush their teeth with fluoride tooth paste twice a day as recommended. Regular flossing is rather uncommon among students, and xylitol is not used much.

"Are you nibbling at your own teeth?" is the theme under which students' eating habits are discussed during their dental appointments and in various local wellbeing events at universities.   Our goals also include reducing the daily amount of unhealthy snacks and drinks and providing information on healthier alternatives. Brushing teeth once a day is not enough!

Research-based data

According to health research by the FSHS, students are very aware of the disadvantages of fats and salt in food, but pay insufficient attention to the amounts of sugar and its dangers. Students enjoy sweets and chocolate daily and drink juices and pops as well as energy drinks. Nibbling on snacks all day and drinking acidic or sweet drinks are detrimental to oral health.

Half of male students brush their teeth once a day or less often.

Nibbling gnaws away students' teeth.