Oral health

Be your mouth's best friend!

The promotion and maintenance of oral health requires that you pay attention to dental hygiene and eating and drinking habits as well as regular visits to the dental clinic.

FSHS is an expert on student health care

Oral health professionals promote and maintain oral health with the many procedures they do during a dental appointment, and help ensure trouble-free studying time through appropriately timed care. They also provide health consultation to help the student acquire self-care skills.

Oral health services include

emergency treatment (acute oral and dental problems)

basic dental care  and

other required treatment.


Why is once a day not enough?

Irregular meal times, continuous nibbling and taking in sugared and acidic drinks between meals several times a day clearly increase the risk of cavities.

 Brush your teeth twice a day using fluoride tooth paste.

Self-care is worth the trouble!

You take care of your teeth for 365 days a year. The oral health professionals at FSHS care for your teeth by averaging 1.5 appointments a year.

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