Mental health


Problems with mental health are among the most common health problems among university and college students. Problem related to studies or difficulties in life can put a strain on mental health.


FSHS is an expert on student health.


Prevention of mental health problems as well as their early identification and sufficient treatments is important. Our public health nurses, GPs, psychiatric social workers and specialized registered nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists are there to help you with any mental health-related issues.


Many problems related to studies can be prevented by community-health measures. As an expert on health care, FSHS is involved in promoting student welfare and developing the study environment so that it provides optimum support to students´mental health.



Start using My Kanta!

The FSHS general health and mental health services joined the nationwide Kanta service in June 2016.

You can use the My Kanta pages to view your health information, electronic prescriptions and more – wherever and whenever you want.

If you give your consent, other healthcare service providers can access your patient data from the FSHS patient data system and vice versa. The benefit of this system is that if you see a doctor somewhere else, the data will be passed on to the FSHS and can thus be taken into consideration during subsequent treatment visits. Data will be shared with different parties only if you consent to this, and you can choose which data is visible to which service providers. The consent can be cancelled at any time.

Read more and start using the service at

Help is also providedby students´support centre Nyyti ry, which organises various support groups and courses.

When you have made an appointment, please be sure to come on time. If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let us know well in advance.