Implementation of the statutory care guarantee at the FSHS

The FSHS is a private service provider, but our operations are mainly publicly funded. Therefore we comply with the timeframes set for access to care in Finnish care guarantee legislation. The urgency of access to care is determined individually on the basis of a treatment need assessment, taking the symptoms and their level of seriousness as well as the level of urgency of your case into consideration.

The statutory requirement is that the urgency of a customer's need for treatment must be assessed within three days of their first contact with the health care unit.

Access to non-urgent examinations or treatment in general and mental health services must be provided within three months and in oral health services within six months of the date on which the need for treatment was identified.

Information about compliance with the care guarantee requirements is provided on this website. The information is updated at the end of every month.

Access to dentists

Access to other healthcare professionals