Group activity

Group activity is an efficient approach, and its particular strength is access to peer support. Support people in a similar situation is regarded by many as the best thing about participating in a group.

The FSHS organises many types of group activity to help in life management and promote student health. We also support the group activity planning and implementation carried out by universities and Nyyti Student Support Centre.

Universities organise study circles and groups supporting progress in studies. Contact your own university for more information. In many towns and cities university sports services also organise physical activity for health groups.

The focus of group activity may be on teaching and guidance, such as in physiotherapists' neck ergonomics groups or guidance events for those with a specific health condition. Therapeutic short-term group activity is available for issues including weight management, mood problems and social anxiety.

For more information about group activity at FSHS health centres visit the health centres' own pages.



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