To get physiotherapy, you will first need to contact our appointment service and undergo a treatment need assessment. 

Our physiotherapy services have a focus on your own responsibility and aim to motivate, support and guide you so that you will reach and maintain a functional capacity that enables you to manage the challenges you face in your everyday life at home and in your studies, work and leisure activities. The goal is to increase your physical and therefore also your psychosocial wellbeing. 

How is physiotherapy planned?

To reach the objectives set, the physiotherapist plans a physiotherapy programme that is appropriate for you and has a focus on your own responsibility. This also involves an assessment with you regarding the implementation and impacts of your programme. 

Our physiotherapists also participate as experts in the promotion and development of wellbeing in the study environment. 


Non-urgent treatment




We have group activities for different health promotion purposes. If interested, please contact your own unit.