Laboratory and imaging examinations

Laboratory examinations 

Laboratory tests are taken in our health centre. You will get your referrals for laboratory examinations from your FSHS health centre´s doctor or (public health) nurse. Examinations conducted on the basis of an FSHS referral are free of charge for you. 

General instructions: How to prepare for sampling

Imaging examinations

Our range of imaging examinations includes native X-rays and ultrasound examinations. These are available if necessary on referral by an FSHS doctor.

Laboratory and imaging examinations



Laboratory appointments can be booked via the Self service. If this is not feasible for any reason, you can also call your own unit.

To make an appointment, you will need an appointment ticket, which you can obtain from a FSHS doctor or public health nurse. The ticket allows you to book appointments via the Self system. If an appointment you have booked is no longer suitable for you, you can reschedule it without losing your ticket. If you find you do not need a laboratory appointment at all, you can cancel your booking. You will then lose your appointment ticket.

More information will be provided during the appointment with the referring nurse or doctor.