Health examinations and electronic health inquiries ("Sätky")

The FSHS invites all first-year students to health examination. This examination consists of an electronic health inquiry and, if necessary, a personal health discussion. We send all new students the health inquiry via Self service, and it is therefore important that you enter your contact details into the service.

The inquiry covers issues related to general and oral health and factors affecting these. Your responses are assessed by a public health nurse. He/she will send you a reply message containing a personal assessment of your general and oral health. If necessary, you will be asked to make an appointment with a public health nurse and/or for an oral health examination/treatment. 

If you do not receive the health inquiry during your first year of study, please contact a public health nurse at your FSHS health unit.  

The aim of the health examination procedure is to ensure  

  • that as many students as possible fill in the health inquiry 
  • that personal health discussions are attended especially by those with health problems. 
You can make an appointment for a health discussion even if you do not have any particular problems.