Appointments with a public health nurse

When you have an appointment with a public health nurse you can talk about anything that bothers you ragarding your health or ability to study. To make an appointment contact our appointment service. 

Our nurses treat minor injuries and mild cases of illness and can provide you with a certificate to excuse you for a short period of absence from your educational institution or place of work. You can also get advice on birth control from our nurses. Depending on the case, a nurse can also refer you to a laboratory before you see a doctor. 

Non-urgent treatment


You can get free basic vaccinations and their booster by visiting a public health nurse: 

  • tetanus and diphtheria 
  • polio
  • MMR=measles, mumps and rubella 

as well as influenza vaccinations that you will need to pay for and immunisation-related advice and instructions. 

The annual influenza vaccinations are also available from our public health nurses. There might be unit specific differences in the procedures. Please check your own unit’s page

Are you a new student?

Remember to fill in the electronic health inquiry as part of your health examination. 


Are you planning to travel abroad?

Call our travel vaccinations and advice helpline to get advice from a public health nurse. Read more