Appointments with a general practitioner or specialist

To see a general practitioner or specialist, you will first need to contact our appointment service and undergo a treatment need assessment.

Our general practitioners take care of the most common types of issues and problems related to student health and ill health (such as birth control, musculoskeletal pain, allergies, mental health issues, stomach problems, acne, etc.). 

If necessary, the general practitioner will refer you to a FSHS specialist or to specialised medical care (at a hospital outpatient clinic). The general practitioner´s appraisal and examinations determine which specialist to refer you to (for example, if you have stomach problems whether you should see a gynaecologist or a specialist in internal medicine).

With a referral from an FSHS health centre doctor, your laboratory examinations and X-ray examinations are free of charge. 


Non-urgent treatment



Medical statements regarding your state of health are mainly available for study-related purposes. Most statements are subject to a separate fee. When making an appointment, please mention which type of statement you need. Laboratory and X-ray examination results are needed for some statements and these can be arranged by a public health nurse in advance.