Acute treatment

How to access treatment?

Referral to treatment takes place on the basis of a treatment need assessment carried out by a nurse and depends on the urgency of your case. The treatment need assessment means an assessment by a public health nurse or other appointment staff member to determine the reason why you have contacted us, what your symptoms are and what their level of seriousness as well as the level of urgency of your case is on the basis of the preliminary information provided by you or included in your referral to treatment. Treatment needs can be estimated on the phone or chat service which is found on Self-online service.

If you become ill, you should check the health information section of our website or contact to our healthcare professional via chat service or phone your local FSHS health centre´s treatment need assessments phoneline for home care instructions or an appointment with a public health nurse or a doctor. 


In acute cases we aim to receive you on the same day or no later than the following day depending on your illness or condition or advise you to go straight to your local municipal health care centres´s accident and emergency unit.  

The FSHS does not have its own accident and emergency service unit. 

Instead, our health centres serve you during the day on business days. We do not provide any evening, night or weekend services. 


Acute treatment




Please make sure you arrive in time for your appointment. If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let us know well in advance.