General health  

Your health is your wealth so remember to look after it!

When you look after your health, your life feels nicer and studies go better. 

At the FSHS we are experts in student health care.

We mainly offer appointments with public health nurses, physiotherapists and general practitioners and specialists. Specialist consultations that have been found particularly useful for students include those with gynaecologists and dermatologists. A variety of minor procedures can also be performed at our appointments. Our healthcare professionals also provide you with health advice to improve your capacities for self-care. 

Are you worrying about a health-related issue?

You can talk one of our public health nurses either via chat service which is found on Self-online service, over phone or face-to-face or use our health counselling service on the Internet. 

Are you a new student? Remember to fill the electronic health inquiry as part of health examination. 



Start using My Kanta!

The FSHS general health and mental health services joined the nationwide Kanta service in June 2016.

You can use the My Kanta pages to view your health information, electronic prescriptions and more – wherever and whenever you want.

If you give your consent, other healthcare service providers can access your patient data from the FSHS patient data system and vice versa. The benefit of this system is that if you see a doctor somewhere else, the data will be passed on to the FSHS and can thus be taken into consideration during subsequent treatment visits. Data will be shared with different parties only if you consent to this, and you can choose which data is visible to which service providers. The consent can be cancelled at any time.

Read more and start using the service at

Read our self-care guides

The FSHS has produced a variety of guides and leaflets to promote student health and assist in self-care. Click here to read more about them.